6th May 2007, 08:10

I own a 2000 Elite. From day one the choke never worked right. We took it in, they worked on it, it ran OK for a while. This went on till the warranty expired, then in spring when it would act up. Back to the dealer it went. Now the dealer would charge me $75 to $125 to so called fix it. It still acts up; you cannot start and drive it, it has to warm up (at initial start) at least for 10 minutes. I'm ready to put a manual choke on it. Anyone have any ideas?

28th May 2007, 19:44

I have a '05 CH80 with 6800miles on it!

I have had the top speed issue occur too. BEST I see is 46 even on the highway! I used to cruise between 50 and 55 when new!!

What can be done? I've had it serviced at the shop, and nothing has seem to improve it.

Otherwise, excellent way to get around. In the 2 years I've owned it, it has paid for itself in gas savings!

3rd Jun 2007, 12:26

I wonder if the speed loss is due to worn rollers? When they are new, they have their maximum diameter and will push the variator ramp plates together as far as possible, which would achieve the highest "gear" ratio. On other scoots, I have noticed that the rollers can go quite flat on one side after 8,000 kms, ie., 5,000 miles. They are cheap and easy to replace, but I would suggest having a torque wrench handy if you do it yourself.

9th Jun 2007, 10:46

I'm the owner of a 2002 Honda Elite 80 Scooter.

My wife and son purchased this scooter not knowing anything about motorcycles. We have had it 3 years. It sat at the dealer for 2 years.

Had 5 miles on it when we got it for $2200.00. Now it has 40 miles and I have never had any luck in getting it to run, to ride it! My wife has cried over it a lot!

The dealer said they cleaned tank and new plug for $80.00. Still won't stay running to be able to ride it!

40 MPH top speed. Was told it was a 4 speed, and would go 60 miles per hour! The dealer lied we guess to sell it.

Retired mechanic 40 years and unable to fix the problem. I think a manual choke would fix it! I guess I need to complain to Honda! Help! Please help!

9th Jun 2007, 23:11

What is the CDi rev limiter set at? Could you get a CDI from an XR80 dirtbike to get the full RPM? My CH80 will go only about 30mph, but I'm from high altitude.

Does someone have a wiring diagram??? Maybe they could just copy the diagram outta the manual and send it to me!

amberandsean @ bresnan.net


27th Jun 2007, 21:44

OK.. I've put a 26mm carb on it, a straight pipe with a cr50 big can muffler. Its been a pain in the rear to get the round slide tuned, but it'll get up and go 40 right now with my 230 lbs on it!

Next is tuning the clutch, I need more rpms!

19th Sep 2007, 20:49

Bought three 1986 low milage honda Ch80's three years ago (they were only sold in Canada in 1986). All had problems with starting. The problem is solved by cleaning out the microscopic hole in the float chamber between the main chamber and the small side chamber, where the starting jet draws its fuel. Float chamber can be removed without taking the carb off the engine. If this hole is plugged, the scooter will not start. Most tune-up's don't clean this out.

Ross Edwards.

25th Sep 2007, 13:27

I have an 87 CH80 and have been working through several problems in the last two years.

My current problem is this. When riding at full speed (40mph) for approx 1 mile, the scooter begins to falter (miss) and decelerates to less than 35mph. Of course this occurs on urban streets where the motorist behind me wishes to go 40mph+. I suspect that I am using gas faster than the float allows it into the bowl. Or after continuous operation, I lose vacuum and the vacuum operated fuel valve closes, starving the engine of fuel. The jets, float and fuel valve are relatively new. This problem occurs often when the tank is less than 1/2 full but seldom when it is full. What do you think?

Pete Simon.

7th Feb 2008, 10:57

Probably the nylon fuel strainer in the tank is dirty. You can remove it by first removing the fuel valve and pulling it out. It use a tap to pull out the stainer. Use a tap that just barely gets a bite, then pull the strainer out. Clean and reinstall.

17th Mar 2008, 13:50

I just picked up a 1993 Honda Elite CH80. So far, so good. I can top out at 42~43mph on the flats. It's comfortable on these Southern California roads.

Plenty of pep to 30mph. Takes a little while to get from 30mph to top speed. It strains a little going up any hills and on inclines, expect the speed to drop to about 35~37mph.

The signal indicator is audible, so that you are reminded to turn it off after you've made the turn.

The drum brakes are a little mushy and squeak a little under hard braking. Can't compare to hydraulic discs. But, they do the job at slowing down the bike fairly well and without much drama.

For the money, this thing is a great economical way to get from point A to point B... as long as you don't require getting on the highway or freeway.

25th Mar 2008, 02:21

I have a 1985 CH80 that I picked up for 200 bucks. Runs perfect, but at about 45 mph, I can hear a very audible knocking. Is this some kind of governor, or is there a real problem? Other than this, my bike rides perfect for Vegas traffic, and can keep up almost anywhere, even with a passenger.

8th Apr 2008, 22:58

I have a 1987 Honda Elite. It runs great. Goes about 45 and is very fun to ride. With the price of gas as it is, I find myself laughing when I ride by drivers in SUV's. Have fun and ride safe!

10th Apr 2008, 09:44

I have a 1988 Honda Elite CH80. I'm trying to change the oil. I know where to drain the oil, but I can't find where to add oil. Can anyone help me?

17th Apr 2008, 23:49

Just picked up a 1987 Elite 80 on craigslist for $550. Runs perfectly, although I think I may have noticed some power loss after cruising at open throttle for about a mile. Also, the "windshield" vibrates quite a bit at a stop, so I pushed some cut pieces of shirt between the windshield and chassis to prevent it from moving. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the key made?

4th May 2008, 00:38

I have a 2001 CH80 with 475 miles on it. It has sat for 2 years and we are getting it ready for the spring.

1. It has always had battery issues and

2. It has ALWAYS been an issue to get this bike started and warned up.

I read in an earlier post "The problem is solved by cleaning out the microscopic hole in the float chamber between the main chamber and the small side chamber, where the starting jet draws its fuel. Float chamber can be removed without taking the carb off the engine. If this hole is plugged, the scooter will not start. Most tune-up's don't clean this out."

So - Before I go at this and potentially ruin this bike - does anyone have any advice for an alternate fix or specific instructions or a manual to do the above repair?