2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50 from United States of America


Great mid-weight bike for people who like Cruisers, but have the good taste not to buy a Harley


Nothing has gone wrong.

Replaced the rear tire at 7k miles, and the front one will need replacing before the end of the summer.

General Comments:


For an 800cc bike, this has lots of torque, and great low end power. It's a twin-pin motor, which makes for a very nice smooth engine, but it still has that v-twin throb that all cruisers need. The transmission shifts smoothly, and the gear ratios are spaced so that you've always got power, no lumps or dead spots.

Low maintenance shaft-drive without any sign of shaft jacking under hard acceleration.

Lots of chrome to twinkle in the sun, and it's nicely placed.

Low seat height lets people with shorter legs (namely myself) flat-foot comfortably when stopped.

The fuel injection feature coupled with the electronic ignition is great; no more babysitting the choke in the mornings, just turn the key and push the starter. The downside to this is that the fuel pump makes just enough noise to be audible at an idle. The computer has an auto enrichment program for when it's first started, so the bike runs at a slightly faster idle when you first start it, and then drops back down once the engine is warm.

Has a cruiser style with slightly higher ground clearance and higher pegs, so you can corner harder than on a traditional cruiser. That being said, however, you still drag a boot heel A LOT sooner than on a sport bike.


Needs either a taller fifth gear, or even better, a sixth one. Bike has great power and is comfortable to ride up until about 60-65mph, and then it starts getting a little more vibration. Wouldn't want to spend hours on the highway, that's for sure. The shorter top gear also hurts fuel economy.

Difficult to get the rear shock adjusted right; it's either so soft that you bottom it out on a lumpy road, or it's so stiff that it rattles your bones on the same road.

Can be ridden two-up, but the back seat is really a joke. It seems to be sized for a 12-year-old Japanese boy more than a adult. But perhaps that's just as well, because you notice a serious change in your acceleration when riding two-up.

Lots of CHROME!! Takes at least two hours just to polish the metal/coated plastic on this bike, let alone washing and waxing the rest of it.

Headlight has too much space between high and low beam. Low beam points at the ground directly in front of the bike; high beam illuminates the branches of the trees ahead of you, but not the road.


The exhaust pipes on this are HUGE!! They stick out practically past the rear fender, and look like cannons or artillery or something. Each muffler is the same size as the single unit on an older Honda Shadow ACE. This is just personal taste, but still! Thinner cans would greatly improve the look of this motorcycle.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2011

2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50 from United States of America


Awesome, mean looking bike!

General Comments:

I just picked this bike up this week. I am a new rider, but the bike is very easy to drive and overall is a great bike.

I might consider de-baffling and de-badging the bike in the long run. I have seen a few posts that mention taking the Boulevard badge off the tank.. is that an easy job? Does it require repainting?

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Review Date: 12th May, 2009

21st Feb 2010, 19:21

Why would you de-badge that work of art?

2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50 from United States of America


Fun, balance, beginner friendly, outstanding


Nothing has gone wrong per say. The clutch is a little sticky to engage at times, especially going from 3rd to 4th gear. And the valve tick seems a little loud, but I have been told that is normal.

General Comments:

Overall, I am extremely happy with this motorcycle. It is my first real bike, after having owned a 250cc scooter for the last 9 months. I can't say enough about the looks of the bike.

Acceleration is great, tires are nice and smooth, and no hop that others have mentioned. Great gas mileage for me so far (avg. 45mpg right now).

Only thing that kind of bothers me is the seat. I went on a 90 mile ride recently, and I noticed that when I got off the seat, my lower back was a little numb, and I could feel a slight buzz, so I know there was fatigue because of the seat. The handlebar is perfect, no leaning forward for me at 5'10". I do think the pegs are a little to far back for my liking, and would add extenders at some point.

The bike is very stable even at very low speeds. I can keep it upright without putting a foot down at 2 mph... so weight seems to be very well balanced.

The front brake is great, however the rear brake seems a little lacking, but it is a drum. The clutch itself is very easy and forgiving even for a beginner.

Exhaust is stock, with baffles still in, and it sounds great to me. Not too loud and not too quiet.

I agree with others that at 75-80mph I am looking for a 6th gear. It could really use it, as the engine does sound like it is wound pretty well.

I wouldn't really change anything about the bike, just get a different seat to my liking and add a 6th gear.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2009