2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50 from United States of America


I love this bike


In 6000 miles, I can say that nothing has gone wrong with my bike. This has been the most reliable motorcycle I have ever owned, but it's not a Harley.

General Comments:

The M50 handles very well because it is basically a sports bike that looks like a cruiser. It's not heavy in the curves or turns, and it straightens back up like a bike is supposed to, effortlessly.

Performance leaves a little to be desired on a stock M50, however I have found that it's relatively easy to wake this beast up. I dyno'd the bike after adding a set of Hard Krome pipes and a Power Commander. It went from 48 HP to around 59 or 60. I'm told that a Hyper Charger or a K & N intake would make it even better. All in all, if you are looking to win races, this bike isn't for you, but if you want to beef a mid range cruiser up and get some thrills, this would be an excellent place to start.

I'd also recommend that Suzuki add a tach, especially for those enthusiasts like myself that like to squeeze HP out of a bike.

The transmission is very nice, and provides for quick and smooth gear changes, however it could use a higher gear ratio on that top gear, or a 6 speed.

The M50 ride is comfortable, but that monoshock takes some getting used to. I did like that idea that adjusting the rear suspension is very easy, and even first time bike owners would find it simple to adjust up or down depending on their preference.

Overall I'd give it a 9 out of 10... very nice bike for the price.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2009

18th Jul 2009, 17:59

I have had my 2008 M50 for a year now. Great bike. If you live in a place as I do, Northern Minnesota, USA, find a different ride. It's a fantastic bike, but the suspension is VERY stiff... awesome in corners, vertebra pounding on rough roads. The suspension is adjustable, but is like weeing on a forest fire on these roads. I have seen lowering kits... these roads need a raising kit. This is, of course, no fault of Suzuki. Over ll a great product. The nimble handling is a plus riding at night on deer filled roads.

2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50 from Canada


Good value, good ride, good features, and looks very cool


Storage compartment cover came off while riding, had to replace for $50.

General Comments:

Really great bike overall, very good looking and scores in key areas.

Very sweet engine and trans; overhead cam, 4 valve per cylinder twin, fuel injected, liquid cooled, with lots of good usable midrange. A bit more displacement would be nice though. (800)

Inverted forks look awesome, and no visible rear shocks, very clean look, shaft drive. Kinda looks like a cruiser that wants to be a sport bike.

No tach or fuel guage, or hydro clutch, good sacrifices, they had to cut corners somewhere to keep the cost surprisingly low.

The bike is not comfortable going much over 90 km/hr, could use a higher top gear and better suspension; had a Yamaha Seca 900 and it felt comfortable up to about 140 km/hr. Makes a superb backroad cruiser, but this bike is not for major highways.

Has kind of an odd feeling rider position, makes one want to slouch, kind of difficult to sit up straight.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2008

2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50 from United States of America


Love the bike and would recommend it - just not from my dealer


At first service, dealer found electrical harness problem. It was replaced. Dealer blamed it on Suzuki for installing the tank on the harness and pinching a wire.

Speedometer started jumping at about 400 miles. Speedo replaced at first service.

Chrome on tank cover started to peel away at 4800 miles. Dealer replaced with a new one.

Lost both bolts that hold turn signal/license plate assembly to rear fender around 1000 miles. Dealer replaced both and then lost one of them again. I blame dealer for installing improperly. Waiting two weeks now for new bolts from dealer.

General Comments:

With the problems I've had, I love the bike. Haven't ridden a bike in 20 years and this is a great bike to get started again. Carries me at 265 lbs and a passenger with no problem.

Didn't realize the valves were noisy when I bought the bike, but after first service (400 miles and a valve adjustment), noise becomes noticeable. Four dealers tell me its normal for the fuel injector M50. Haven't gotten used to the noise but love the FI over carbs any day!!

Passenger says the rear seat is not very comfortable after a long ride. No problem for the driver.

Weight is reduced by all the plastic and chrome plated items. Looks great but a closer look - feels cheap. I guess the bike would cost more if they used real metal and chrome to make the bike. Handles well, FI gives nice throttle reaction, 70 mph seems to be sweet spot on the higway, easy do-it-yourself oil changes, love the liquid cooled option over air cooled.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2008

3rd Sep 2008, 15:06

I have also lost the two side bolts for tail light assembly. No dealers around me. Do you know the size so I can go to the hardware store and pick some up?

23rd Oct 2008, 20:18

I love my 06 M50 Boulevard. I bought it used with 59 miles from a dealer. I also lost one of the bolts to the license plate assy, asked the dealer to replace it and adjust the headlight when I took it in for service. Neither happened and I did not notice till I got home, 125 miles later (West Texas). I will be the only one working on my scoot from now on.

My last new bike was a '78 GS750E. I loved that bike, too. This is the first time I've ridden a V-twin and I'm impressed. This is a commuter bike (600 mi. week) and I'm glad I stuck with Suzuki and didn't fall into the overpriced, unreliable craze.

Love the shaft, FI, roll-on, compression, seating, cornering mags, and all the compliments that come from everyone but Harley riders.

I only wish it had an overdrive gear, as I keep reaching for another gear at 70 (time for a tach). 105 on the flats in the Davis Mtns. and it's steady.

14th Jan 2009, 14:15

I find that the M-50 is a very reliable bike, and it rides very well. Wish it had another gear though, always looking for that last gear that isn't there. 11,000 miles and still going strong. Tops out at 112, not bad for a small cruiser.

Overall rating 9/10.