2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50 from United States of America


The most comfortable medium range bike I have ever owned.


I have had no problems whatsoever with the bike as originally delivered. I have had some problems with certain after market items, but this isn't Suzuki's fault, is it?

General Comments:

Overall I think this is probably the best road motorcycle on the market for the asking price. You can ride it as a naked bike, with a small shield only, or load it with a large shield and bags for touring. In any configuration it will fill the bill smoothly and confidently. I love this bike!

I did, however, change several things on the bike almost immediately after purchasing it. This was not because of any inherent factory faults, but because of personal fit and fussiness considerations. I did, after all, know that these changes might be needed to suit my tastes before I even drove the bike off the dealer's lot.

I didn't like the forward foot position, so changed to very long-tailed floorboards so that my feet could be below my thighs... the traditional English position. Shift and brake pedals were not moved and this has worked out fine.

The handlebars seemed somewhat low to me (I'm short legged and long waisted) and this was confirmed later as I would get severe pains in my left shoulder after about half an hour's riding. This pain would not subside until I was stopped and afoot for a while. Not acceptable. Raise the bars? Not an easy task on an M50 so I sought out a lower seat. I found a heated one (big bonus there!) that lowered my butt 1 1/2 inches which solved the pain problem and greatly extended the comfortable riding season.

No complaint, just a tip, J.C. Whitney sells an $8 (ea) mirror extension and anti-vibration stud that works great. It provides a greater view (it's higher, after all) of the road behind you. Highly recommended item.

Viva M50!

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Review Date: 25th February, 2008

13th Mar 2009, 12:55

What kind of aftermarket seat did you end up purchasing that satisfied your requirements for riding position?

2nd Oct 2010, 13:56

Sorry for the delay in answering, but I haven't visited this site for a LONG time. I broke my neck in a bad stairway fall in Sept '09 and was off the bike until this July... took the ERC course to make sure I was still capable.

I do love my M50! The question was what kind of seat I found to adjust my position to solve sore shoulder muscles. It is a Corbin Classic Solo (heated) with the 297-SB backrest installed. Pricey, yes... a great addition, you bet. If you find leather too hot in summer, the addition of Alaska Leather's medium sheepskin Buttpad will solve that problem, too. Hope this helps.

She has 34K on her now and all I've replaced is a clutch cable and tires. Try Metzler ME880's, you'll love them... the M50 should be delivered equipped with them.

29th Oct 2011, 16:26

My clutch cable frayed through, and I'm having trouble trying to find a replacement cable. Did you just use a generic Suzuki clutch cable, or is there a specific one for the M50 that I just can't find?

Glad to hear your bike is holding up... Mine is a 2006 with 9k, and the cable is the only problem I've ever had.


2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50 from United States of America


Can't go wrong, excellent bike!!


Nothing at all...

I have 1300 miles and it runs great...

Got to give a "that a boy" to Suzuki.

The only thing I can argue is the drum brake; I wish it had disks all around... and there's a little too much plastic...

General Comments:

This bike is awesome... handles and rides great... sounds even better. I have a V&H exhaust and boy does it sound good.. I turn heads everywhere I go..

It is just a stress reliever to get out on the roads.. I looked at reviews for awhile before I got it, and the only bad thing I really heard is that Thomas guy..

I looked at the Shadows before I really knew about the M50s.. once I sat on her I knew I was home... boy, it is better than mother's milk...

J/K really you can't beat the deal with this bike. With fuel injection, drive shaft, LEDs, inverted fork, pass button, and many more... the best bike I have ever owned...

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Review Date: 24th February, 2008

26th Feb 2008, 17:18

Justin in Arizona.

I have read all of the reviews of the M50, starting with the one that Thomas started on the 24th of September 2005. I found him complaining here and on another site.

Like I said, I read all of your reviews and comments. I am going to be a first time rider and just want to make sure I get something I would like.

I am pleased to know that so many people in the world are digging this bike. I was originally (and am still reading reviews) looking at the Honda Spirit VT750C2, when I called a dealer that sold Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda and told him I was interested in the Honda he referred me to look at the Suzuki M50. He told me about standard features it had over the Honda; he said for the same price tag it was a no brainer.

I just got my permit, I am going to the motorcycle driving school, and will be coming to a decision soon to what bike to purchase...

Based on the M50 reviews it looks 99% sure it will be the M50!

I like certain looks of the Honda better (such as the bigger front chrome wheel and tire). The M50's front wheel makes the cruiser look more like a sporty type bike to me than I think I want.

Overall, I will know when I sit on them and decide.

Thank you everyone for you very helpful statements.

Happy Riding!