18th Jun 2008, 09:13

I have one of the first M50's I bought it new in 05'. Love it to death, I traded in the former Marauder and am soo glad!

I have changed out many things on the bike, and keep doing so as money allows. Mine is the M50B or all black, and everyone checks it out, mostly Harley people.

I changed the air box to a Custom Thunder Mfg. thunder charger, the pipes and computer to Cobra. That helped not only with the sound, but performance went up probably 25-30%.

Lost a little mpg but well worth it. I also put on a braided front brake line; it helps with braking and looks great!

Mirrors, pegs, grips, tank bra and some custom art work on the tail. Sissy bar assembly (cobra).

I'd say I get more attention than any other bike where I live. I'm not a Harley guy, but everyone thinks my M50 is a new Harley.

I ride about 4000-5000 miles a season, and will never get rid of this machine!

No problems, no break downs, just thumbs up and a lot of interest from other riders!

19th Jun 2008, 02:06

I've had my eyes set on a Victory Vegas Jackpot for a few years now, but due to financial reasons, I can't afford one, so my solution to my problem was the 2008 Suzuki Blvd M50.

At 6'1 280 lbs. give or take a few, this bike fits me like a glove, and still has more than enough power to Sh*t N' Get on command. for the money.

You cannot beat the M50, it's an excellent motorcycle for beginners and seasoned riders alike!

I give it a 4.5 of 5 Stars!

22nd Jun 2008, 17:17

I am looking at the M50 and the Kawi Custom 900. I currently own a Suzuki 06 SV650S. I am 6'3" and 240 lbs I like both bikes and I feel comfortable on both. I am concerned about the belt drive on the Kawi. I love Suzuki, I feel you get more than what you pay for with them. I have been reading online about the M50 for about 3 months, and have not found one negative thing. I have even read that the M50 puts our as much power as some of the 1100 and 1200 cruisers. Based on some of the comments here, I may be swayed to go with the M50.

I will be buying one or the other this week. Thanks all for the input.

24th Jun 2008, 07:39

I've had my 2008 M50 black for 2 months now, and I've already put on 1800 miles.

I'm 5'11" 160. The bike might be small for bigger guys height wise. Forward controls would be a simple solution to that problem.

My bike is bone stock, and it stays right next to Harley bikes with the 96 cubic inch motor. My friend just bought Road Burner pipes and it sounds amazing!!! He also has a power commander as well.

This bike handles amazing, I can whip it around turns as much as it'll take before scraping the pegs.

I went to the Harley dealer with my friends the other day (who all have Harleys) and didn't realize it was a custom Harley show. I followed my friend into the show not realizing I was pulling into the show portion, not parking. I thought I was going to get beat down, but people actually were checking out my M50. They were actually interested in it. Unreal!

3rd Jul 2008, 18:01

I'm 48, and just purchased the M50... my first bike ever. I'm still closing the deal with a wholesaler, but am going out of my mind with excitement, and these comments are only fueling the fire.

I looked at a bunch of Middleweight cruisers (VStar 650, Sportster 883, Spirit 750, Vulcan 900) before deciding, but the Boulevard was the clear winner for many of reasons mentioned.

Got my temps, but may have to wait as long as late August to get into the local (Cincinnati OH) Basic Rider Course. Since the bike will be arriving in a couple weeks, it may actually sit in the garage for awhile until I get some skills. UGH!!!

11th Jul 2008, 21:36

Hello, I am wanting to ask about the gas mileage on this bike. I will be adding a windshield and with a commute of 53 miles (highway) one way. I would like to know what my MPG may be. If anyone can help with this, I would be thankful.



14th Jul 2008, 14:53

I have had my M50 for a few months, and am averaging approximately 52-54 MPG.

I was wondering though, is it fairly simple to pull the handlebars towards me, I am only 5'7" and it is a bit of a stretch...



Jerome, Idaho.

15th Jul 2008, 00:36

I have a 2007 N50 with Vance & Hines pipes, Dynojet Power Commander, Thunder mfg tornado air kit.

I lowered the bike 3 inches, it's a great bike that turns a lot of heads. I love it.

16th Jul 2008, 16:54

I bought my M50 last year and I love it. I am a 5"9 46 year old female. I rode in my 20's a Yamaha 250 Enduro.

My husband and I took a motorcycle safety course to refresh and get the insurance discount. He has the Suzuki Boulevard Velousia, and now he wants to buy an M50! I love the M50. I feel as though it was custom built just for me. It has speed, good maneuverability and looks great. Everyone asks about the bike. The only replacement for me will be a motorized wheelchair when I am too old to walk anymore.

29th Jul 2008, 20:36

I recently picked up an 07 M50B from a friend of mine with only 2400 miles on the clock. He did the forward controls, LED tail light, and Cobra exhaust. This is my first bike and I love the way it handles and feels. I am quite happy with my purchase.

30th Jul 2008, 17:35

I'm back into bikes after a 19-year break... decided on a C90T Boulevard, though I did consider smaller models... I'm 6'5" and 220, so the C90T fits me very well... such a thrill to look at and ride,... and a beautiful 2-tone white/gold with windshield, floorboards, bags, white-walled tires... an oaf of bike that only appears that it might lumber down the highway, which it does with grace, style and confidence, and it has power to spare should it be needed. Such a bike!

It's nimble beyond belief for such a hunk of a bike... simply stylin' and beguilin'... the best choice I could have made. Throaty sound without annoying the neighbors... and this guy is totally happy. Watch me smile!

2nd Aug 2008, 13:08

Hello all... I have an 08 M50 and I feel a little left out when it comes to sound with the other bikes. Does anyone have any recommendations, and second with average knowledge, can the exhaust be done at home? I like my bike, but want to do a few things to it, and hate to pay shop rate, plus it is more rewarding. Thanks for any replies.

9th Aug 2008, 17:56

Hi everyone, I just bought a new 08 Suzuki M50 in July. Yellow & grey color, so many compliments, it's a real head turner.

Yes, I'm not happy with its exhaust sound, but the stock pipes are so beautiful that I do not want to replace them with aftermarket thin pipes. So for a bit louder sound, I drilled 5 holes the size of my finger in each end of the pipe. Sounds much better now. It's not too loud, but very good.