11th Sep 2008, 03:38

I left the comment on Sept. 7th and I wanted to pass on a few things that I have had happen lately.

First, keep an eye on your tail light assembly. I had a bolt fall out on the highway. After researching "Common Problems" for my M50, this bolt situation has happened to other people. So you might want to go over your bike and tighten the bolts.

Secondly, I had a chirping sound coming from what sounded like under the fuel tank. After researching that problem on the net I couldn't find a solution. The chirping was the reason for the 100+ run. I wanted to see if it would get worse or quit, or blow up. Of course when I took it to the dealer I couldn't get it to do it. I did find some wire harnesses that came out of their holders. After placing them back in their holders I haven't had the sound again. So check all of your wiring harnesses.

16th Sep 2008, 20:02

Hey riders, I bought an 08 M50 on July 7 of this year and I just love it. After a 7 years of no bike the M50 works good. Good at any level around town or on the open road.

A 6th gear would be nice. Suzuki, you did good just a good all around bike. Very happy with this machine.

Thank you

Ridin Rog Pocatello Idaho.

17th Sep 2008, 23:58

Hello M50 riders.

I'm the guy who posted comments on 03 MAR 2008, "Great Bike", and on 28 AUG 2008.

Yet another update:

For gas mileage, I am getting between 47 - 49 mi./gal.

One possible reason is that my M50 is a CA model.

On Sept. 12-14, I was on a road trip with 35 other bikers (mostly Harley's), and had no problem keeping up with them. We toured through the Lake Tahoe Basin, Eastern Sierra's, through Virginia City, Carson City and other small border towns in Nevada and California. On the way back home, we took Sonora Pass. After the three day trip, I logged 737 miles.

I was very comfortable on the trip. The riding time between stops were approximately 1.5 hours, and the bike handled great through the mountain passes. Though, at 8,000+ft. above sea level the bike did struggle a bit in second on (short) 26% grades on Sonora Pass. Perhaps a quick drop into first gear may have done the trick to pull me through the steep curves.

But other than that, my M50 did great everywhere else.

I am so happy I chose the M50.

27th Sep 2008, 22:13

Hey, My story starts with my wife and gas prices. To make a short story long. My wife was looking at scooters. 150-250cc.

I told her she works 30 miles away, and the average speed is 50 to 60 mph. So we went to suzuki and we saw a Burgman 400 auto trans and good looking. While she was talking to the sales person, I sat on the M50. I've had bikes before but this one felt so good. Two days later she said she wanted the Burgman. We went back to the dealer and said we wanted that, then I said I want the M50 also. Well the wife said OK and we bought both. We are both so happy we bought our bikes, and we have a great time riding together. If she didn't get the 400 cc, I don't think we could ride together. Both bikes are fantastic.

C.J. and DEBBIE.

18th Oct 2008, 18:03

I'd wrote in earlier that my first-ever bike was on the way, and have now been riding my black/silver M50 since late July. 1,900 miles later, I'm feeling it's the greatest purchase ever made. Yeah, it's probably wrong to love a thing, but like a new girlfriend, just can't seem to stay off (no offense). Anyway, the fall colors are in full bloom in Southwest Ohio, and it's absolute nirvana riding though hills and gentle curves.

One question... does 5th gear really go from ~35mph to 100? When I hit 65, it starts feeling like the transmission is winding, though not feeling any vibrations. I really wish this bike came with a tach to understand how close I am to redlining.

21st Oct 2008, 02:01

2007 M50 - black

Fitted with MRA screen, K Drive saddle bags, Jardine sissy bar and pad. 3200 kilometres.

Pros: Good overall bike and good value for money. Performance is comparable to other similar cruisers with larger engine capacity. Comfortable. Easy to ride.

Cons: Tail light assembly bolt fell out causing the taillight to drop down. Fixed with locktited new bolt.


I am considering debaffling the stock pipes. All info seems to suggest that this can be done easily and without the need for other modifications. My mechanic says that it doesn't cause a problem, but just opens up the exhaust, sounds a lot better and gives a bit more power. So if anyone out there has done it, please advise how your bike is going as a result.


4th Apr 2009, 02:23

Older rider, back on bikes after 27yrs, a bad ass Triumph T110 rider years ago, and ridden on-road/off-road bikes later.

Bought a Boulevard S40 after 27yrs layoff and found it a great bike get back biking again. All the adrenalin started pumping so the S40 became little meek (plus HER indoors indicated that she would like to go riding pillion - another mid-life crisis in the family!).

After much researching, the Boulevard M50 looked to be a great upgrade and compromise (this bike will be my last, so a crucial decision!), Black and Chrome, black rims and so mean-looking. Awesome armchair riding machine compared to the S40. There are very few M50s in our city so get the 'eyes on' where ever I go!

Muffs are a bit quiet, they need changing or perhaps a few more holes drilled in each muffler for a deeper sound. More research on this as after market mufflers are very expensive.

10th May 2009, 22:02

Hey M50 owners, to the guy that asked about debaffling. I debaffled mine 6 months ago and noticed improved power and throttle response, and the sound is 100% better! No problems with anything on the bike as yet. There is a video on youtube that tells you how step by step. Hope this helps.

Be safe! Mike.

19th May 2009, 15:24

For any of you M50 riders who experience pain in the tailbone area after riding, as I did, do you self a favor -- buy a Mustang Vintage Wide touring seat. As you may know, the stock seat pan is indented upwards at the rear and has less padding which is very tough on the tailbone.

The Mustang is a two piece seat that looks good with or without the pillion. And what a difference in comfort over the stock seat! The pillion and seat form a nice "bucket" that you'll appreciate especially at freeway speeds. Gives a nice secure feeling. It has excellent padding and really smooths out bumps in the road.

I can ride all day now and I don't even think about it.

11th Jul 2009, 14:35

Thank you to the person talking about a better seat. I can only go about 2 hours before my posterior is numb.

I do like the bike and will support some of the complaints I've heard.

I have had the chirping sound come and go occasionally. I also have noticed the clicking noise in the motor that most people say is from the valve clearances. I haven't had them adjusted yet, but have heard that when people do it goes away.

I do have some vibration with the bike, and lately, it seems that when I ask for power, the issue with the potential valves clearances maybe getting magnified. It seems like the red line of the motor has lowered on the RPM scale as well.

I've been getting about 45 mpg on the bike purchase brand new in NY state, which has stricter emission regulations now that California.

I moved to PA so now I'm interested in making performance mods to the bike, and undoing what NY state requires. Any suggestions?

22nd Feb 2010, 20:40

I just bought my first bike, the M50, and I must say it was a great choice after trying out a Honda Shadow Spirit; great bike also, but my M50 turns heads everywhere I go!!!

5th Apr 2010, 19:01


I am purchasing my first cruiser, an M50, this Wednesday and am very excited. I am fairly inexperienced at riding so need an opinion or two from professionals. Please provide a few pros/cons for installing a windshield, and a recommendation for brand/style. Thanks!

25th Apr 2010, 18:16

Hi all.

I just moved up to a 2007 M50 from a 2009 S40. I am a female rider and only 5/4'' 1/2. That being said, I have a couple of questions:

1. Is it easy to replace handle bars to bring them closer if I find tilting them back won't be quite enough?

2. Can anyone recommend GREAT saddlebags and where to get them? I don't have any experience with after market stuff. I had stock saddle bags for my S40 and was not happy that the straps began to fall apart after a few months.

I pick my bike up in 2 weeks. Can't wait. Going from the S40 to the M50 was like moving from a Pinto to a Porsche!

Many thanks.


13th Nov 2011, 23:12

Hi. I have done the same. Drilled seven half inch holes into the end of each pipe, and have great but not too loud rumble, and ended the valve clatter within. HB.

5th May 2017, 22:54

I also have the same bike. Do not worry about the redline, this bike is protected with a rev limiter when needed. Far more damage gets done to these bikes from under revving than over revving...