11th Aug 2008, 13:42

I purchased my '08 M50 (Yellow/Gray) in the middle of May (08). I now have just over 6000 miles on it.

I was originally going to purchase the Honda Shadow Spirit 750, lucky for me, the dealer didn't have the bike I wanted in stock, the salesperson told me to consider the C50, I like the feel of the bike, but was not too sure about the styling, so I went to another dealer, where I saw the M50 and without hesitation, I bought it.

I have ridden it everyday to/from work (80 mi./day) since the day I bought it, and I ride it for fun on the evenings and weekends.

We have enjoyed this bike so much, I signed my wife up for riding classes, and now she rides her own Honda Shadow Spirit 750. We even ride in the heat of the Arizona Summer!.

I made it a bit louder by removing the baffles, Other than that is all stock.

I average 57 MPG because I mostly ride on the highway.

I am 5'8 160 lbs. And it fits me like a glove as well.

I have pulled 110 MPH! before I chickened out and let go, but the bike could have done more. Lots of power/handling for my riding style.

Have had absolutely no issues or problems.

Awesome bike, love it!

12th Aug 2008, 21:56

Hello all, these are great comments on the M50. I had never been on a bike before. My co-worker purchased a 2008 Honda Shadow and then I started to get the itch. I decided to take the Abate course a few weeks back and passed the class with highest honors, I was surprised how comfortable I felt on the little 250's.

I did not do a lot of research, but was dead set on the Honda Shadow 750. Then I remembered, I thought I saw a cruiser style bike at the Suzuki store. When I went back, I saw the yellow/charcoal M50 and boy oh boy did I fall in love with it.

I was able to take the bike for a test drive. Just coming out of the riders course, I was a little scared. But, 13 days later, I now own a 2008 Suzuki M50 Boulevard (yellow/charcoal)and have already put 450 miles on it.

WOW, what a Bike. I am 5'9" 170 lbs and it does fit like a glove. I love the look and feel of the bike and there are "MANY" differences compared to the Honda Shadow 750. The main difference that I see is that with my "NEW" M50, I am able to see how much gas I have at all times. The Honda Shadow 750 does not have a gas gauge, or at least my friends does not. This was the most noticeable difference that I saw.

Anyway, this is the best "MAJOR" purchase that I have made in my lifetime. Nicely priced, with lots of extras to add on. I would HIGHLY recommend this bike to anyone who is looking at the Honda Shadow 750.

Safe Riding!

28th Aug 2008, 00:22

Hello M50 riders.

I'm the guy who posted comments on 03MAR2008, "Great Bike".

After reading so many comments about the M50, I thought it would be best to provide some updates of my own. First the fun hasn't worn off. I have nearly 4,400 miles on it. I commute to and from work and ride it on weekends whenever possible. As a matter of fact, I have been personally invited to take road trip to Yosemite in a couple of weeks with a about 40 H/D owners.

I have to to say, my M50 is still as comfortable as the first day I rode it. I never feel fatigued. It still performs great, averaging 47-49 mi/gal., and everything is still stock. I, too, have been asked by many, as to whether or not my M50 is a H/D. Frankly speaking, I don't think there is a H/D bike that looks similar. But I believe since the M50 has a unique look and stance, all its own, the first thing that comes into peoples mind is, it's a H/D. After all, H/D is a national icon, like Chevrolet, baseball and apple pie. Many are surprised that it's a metric bike.

Before purchasing the M50, I had the C50 and the Kawi 900 Classic in my sites. I am glad for my decision to purchase the M50. For those of you planning on purchasing a new bike, please do have the M50 in your line up... you will not be disappointed, and may even be surprised, yourself.

Ride on!

7th Sep 2008, 10:42

I bought my '08 M50 in March and 4800 miles later it has turned heads ever since. I live in Ohio so March and April were cold!!! I was getting in the mid to upper 50's as far as MPG when I was the only one on the bike.

I've added a Memphis Fat windshield, Cobra sissy bar & rack, saddlebags, EZ brackets. I still get in the high 40's and low 50's in the MPG area. It all depends on how hard I get on it and if my wife is riding with me.

Today I hit 100+ on the highway, for training purposes only! :) And it didn't vibrate any more than it does at 80-85 MPH. It handles great! Very happy!

9th Sep 2008, 17:00

I just bought the 08 M50 a week ago, partly because of the stellar comments I've seen on this and other pages.

As it is my first bike, I was a little apprehensive, but that went out the window as soon as I rode it. It feels good to ride and doesn't hurt afterward.

The dealer put some road burner pipes on it and they sound positively epic.

The only thing that I can't say I'm ecstatic about is the foot pegs are a little snug for my size 13 shoe. But other than that, it fits my 6' 170lb frame and it's light enough that I have no trouble holding it up, despite my slightly nerdy physique.

Great bike for a pretty good price, and a lot of customization options that aren't terribly pricey. I'd give it a 9.5.

10th Sep 2008, 01:40

After a couple years of a pooched lip and puppy dog eyes, my wife allowed me to get a bike (before you judge me, I don't go to bed with you).

Anyhow, as any good trial lawyer does, I did extensive research on the M50 to present my case (gas mileage!!!) to the judge (wife). So when she gave the green light, without hesitation I hauled booty to the Suzuki house. I gave her no time to change her mind and the M50 black which I coveted for two years was in stock!

I tell you one thing, all of the reviews and comments just doesn't do this bike justice. It rides so smooth, and is very responsive, oh, and when you wax that baby up...

NOW, my question is, is there anything you must do to the intake or computer when changing the exhaust, to include removing the baffle? I saw the video about the baffle, but it said nothing of the intake.

Thank you so much, whoever posted this site. All of the comments so far are encouraging. It's good to know that I am not the only M50 owner that isn't intimidated by Harley folks.