1st Jun 2008, 21:47

I have been riding bikes for a long, most rockets and dirt. So when it came down to buying cruiser, I thought one name and only one name Harley. So I went down a test drove a few of them, great bikes nice sound. What I was finding is that the bikes in my price range just didn't have a great ride quality. So I started to look at other companies and test drove a whole lot of bikes. When I found the Suzuki, I just feel in love with the look and the ride was great, good sound, lots of power. I pick mine up on Monday black and silver.



6th Jun 2008, 07:01

I am a new rider. I got my 2006 M50 in March and I love it. I have put over 4500 miles on this bike and WOW. If you ask me this is a great bike to start out on.

Roanoke, Va

7th Jun 2008, 06:18

I have owned several sport bikes over the years. I now have a 2001 TL1000R and I just got a 2008 Yellow/Grey M50. I spent a lot of time looking around, and could not find bikes that I liked, and this one jumped off the floor as soon as I saw it. I know my wife likes to ride on it with me more because it's comfortable, this could be a bad or good point (LOL). Its power is great with the twin, and it's very smooth, handles great, the rear drum brake is functional, but that is about it. As a sport bike rider, I use all brake,s but this shortcoming I can live with. In closing I would say a great bike.

Pat (Nova Scotia, Canada)

1st Jul 2008, 02:07

It almost feels like a waste of time to say anything else nice about the M50 on this forum, but here goes...

I bought my '07 M50 last October, and in the 9 months since then have put 17,000 miles on it with no maintenance issues. I broke it in carefully, and am good about tire pressure and oil changes, but that's about it. So far I've had to replace the rear tire and re-adjust the clutch once, but that's all. I actually stumbled across this thread simply because I was getting nervous about how trouble-free it's been, and decided to get it tuned up, even though it's running perfectly.

I don't own a car anymore, and this bike is my sole means of transportation. I ride about an hour and a half to two hours every day for work, and then make occasional trips north (I live in San Diego), which average between three and nine hours. At 5'8" I have no trouble with the reach or the seat, and in fact, the only change I plan on making is to replace the pegs with pedals for the sake of my ankles.

8th Aug 2008, 00:15

Sounds good to me.

17th Aug 2008, 14:35

Poor balance? Who is everyone kidding, I've had my '08 M50 for 3 1/2 months and been riding everyday.

A poorly balanced bike could never handle what I was in yesterday... has anybody been thru a 20 foot long skid with both wheels locked and kept it upright?? I did yesterday. this bike is VERY WELL balanced.

I am 255 lbs 6 ft tall and my only complaint so far is the pegs... after riding a friends M50 with forward controls, I found that it was my leg position was causing my butt to get sore on long rides. Moving the legs forward puts more weight on the thighs, and takes it off the tail bone. Seat problem fixed.

This is my sixth bike, first Suzuki, I am impressed.

Ride safe.

4th Oct 2008, 13:19

I've had my 2005 M50 for a week now and love it. Everything I've read seems positive and it handles great for me. I bought it with 8,500 miles on it. It had new tires and had been outfitted with saddlebags, windshield, and Vance and Hines straight pipes.

This is my second bike, first was a Suzuki GZ250, and I am very satisfied with my mid-range "muscle cruiser".

Ride safe everyone!


28th Jan 2009, 14:38

After 30 years, I'm ready to get another bike. It's down between M50 and a S50. The M50 is fuel injected, S50 carbed. Mainly going to drive to work & back. 18 mile one way commute, half county, 1 red light, the other half city and a lot of red lights. I like the looks of both and both have pros & cons. Wonder how the M50 would do in stop & go traffic compared to the S50. I know it's preference, but any unbiased input would be appreciated if you have compared the two.


22nd Feb 2009, 11:23

I removed the stock pipes and had one piece straight thru pipes (no baffles) made for me. They look suspiciously like Vance and Hines Straightshots. I gained 26km/h top speed. The bike also revs more freely (obviously). Hectically noisy, but I love it, and so does my wife and my students (I am a lecturer at a college).

Next step is to get a Vance and Hines Fuelpak and air kit to maximise an already decent performance for a mid size (and heavy) cruiser. Agree it handles well, is comfortable for rider and passenger alike, is reasonably economic on fuel and reliable.

At the price, would I choose otherwise? No. Harleys are way too expensive here in South Africa. Would I trade it? No way - I will ride this thing into the deck. And love doing it...

7th Apr 2009, 12:03

Hi, I've owned my 08' M50 since June 08' and love it. The bike is great all around, good power for an 800cc, good comfort and handling is great, but rpms are a little high on the interstate "80-90 mph". 7,000 miles later I now feel the need for the upgrade to the 109r. So if you're wanting a mid-size cruiser with a muscular look and feel, you won't go wrong with the Suzuki M50!!!

15th Apr 2009, 02:48

Hi all M50 M800 riders.

This past weekend is the first time I took the M800 out on a little trip this year; London to Birmingham via the Cotswolds. My other bike that I use mainly for city and commuting, right through the winter, is a SV650.

I love both bikes, the M800 is great for turning heads and light touring. It has some power, but in comparison to a sports bike, you do have to use the throttle a lot more.

I bought handlebars and a windshield. The handlebars are more comfortable, I don't have to sit at the tank now, but it has made the steering a little too light for my liking. I wish I could have found a pair with more pull back without changing the width.

The windshield is fine up-to 65 mph, but over that it starts buffeting the wind around it, which affects the steering slightly and also pushes against my back. I don't think it is streamlined enough, too much like a giant sail on the front. So now I'm looking for a more streamlined sporty version, which will suit the bikes looks better as well.

I've seen this one that looks great, but the guy hasn't answered questions of the make or where he got it from.


If anyone reading this knows the brand, please let me know humillard@gmail.com

Keep the shiny side up and enjoy.