20th Jun 2009, 15:35

I purchased my M50 June 08. I love my bike. It is a great mid size cruiser it has great balance. I added a D and G 2-1 Sideburner pipe and fuel processor. The bike runs and sounds great. I ride my bike 2-3 times a week and definitely on the weekends. KB Waldorf MD

28th Jun 2009, 20:28

My 05 M50 was my second bike, but I didn't ride it much until this past week. I also had a Virago 535 and a 650 Vstar. I got on the M50 and was surprised by the balance and comfort, so it's a keeper. I did see in a forum once about stripping the outer rims to brighten up the rims. I cannot find that posting and don't want to use a stripper that might damage the rims. Has anyone done this? Thanks for any info. Oh, the 650 might be going up for sale this week and I am looking for a M90.

21st Jul 2009, 23:13

My first bike ever was the 2007 M50. After riding it for 5100 miles I got stupid and sold it.

I then purchased 5 more bikes in between my first and current bike. My current bike is a 2008 M50 limited yellow and black.

I came back to the M50 because it was then and is now a great bike.

I had Nomad's Roadliners, Raiders, Harley Nightsters and Vulcan Drifters, but the M50 won out.

I created riser spacer blocks I now sell on ebay that allow you to put more pullback in the handlebars to give greater comfort if the lean forward is a problem. I really enjoy the M50 and recommend to everyone.

26th Apr 2010, 07:20

I own a 2005 Suzuki M-50 and it is my first bike. I am a new rider, and while I do not have a lot of experience, I will say that the M-50 has been the perfect bike for me. I love its looks and fairly quiet pipes.

I did a lot of research before buying my first bike, and the M-50 was really my only choice as I desired fuel injection and a shaft drive. Luckily for me I found my perfect M-50, and when the dealer refused my offer, I held out until 31 Dec and he reluctantly took it. I've never looked back since, and still love my bike.

I cannot wait for the weather to clear up so I can start riding to work each day. I love my M-50, and know I made the right choice.

30th Apr 2010, 11:34

Just purchased a 2009 M50 Special Edition in orange and black. Fell in love with the bike when I sat on it at the dealership, and since I started riding it, I just can't make myself stop! My only complaint is that it does not have self-canceling turn signals. Other than that, it's an outstanding bike in every respect. I rode dirt bikes in my youth, and hadn't ridden in more than 25 years before purchasing this beautiful cruiser. I couldn't have made a better choice. I am lovin' me some Suzuki Boulevard M50!

28th May 2010, 15:17

I also just bought an 09 Orange and Black M50 Special Edition. Nothing bad to report on this end. I am at 1700 miles on the odometer. I took it easy during the first 600 mile break in period. I have been riding with a group of folks with sport bikes and don't have too much trouble keeping up. I have to put the hammer down a bit more I think, but that is to be expected I guess. I have no major complaints with the seat or handle bars (6'2" @ 200 lbs). Turn signal canceler would be nice, but I can always train myself to do it myself or just add an after market timer. I am thinking about debaffling, but haven't totally decided yet.

Overall, I totally love this bike!

10th Aug 2010, 23:17

Orange/Black 2009 M50Z.

Excellent balanced combination of power and handling that fits perfectly as an all-round bike.

The bike is nimble and almost sportbike-like in town, and stable and smooth on highway.

The M50 revs fairly high on Canadian highways, which find many drivers doing about 120-130 km/hr, but bike has no problem when revving high in 5th gear.

Like almost every bike I've owned, a 6th gear would be the icing on the cake.

I'm sure this bike could be run at redline for the next 10 years with no problem, as it runs and shifts perfectly even during 100 degree heat.

I would have paid more to have some of the plastic pieces done in metal, but all the plastics are good quality and should last.

Suzuki put the money where it counted on this bike, into the engine and handling. I have owned a Harley Dyna, V-Max and many other heavyweight sport and cruiser bikes, but when it came time to ride, I usually took the Suzuki because it is the easiest and most fun to ride. I sold the other bikes, because this bike can do almost everything my other bikes could do, and it does it for a lot less money.

The bike regularly draws favorable comments from bystanders.

20th Dec 2010, 08:09

Hello All.. I bought my 2005 M50 In October 2010. Only put 400 km on it so far, but the one thing I absolutely love is the styling and blue colour! I am 350 lbs and 6'2".

I also find the seat a tad on the uncomfy side (same tailbone issue), but plan to put a chin spoiler on the rad and set back blocks on the bars, to bring my riding position a little more upright.

A couple niggly issues are the lack of tach and gear position indicator - I will be adding both of those also.

I find that after a 25 year absence from riding, this machine fits the bill perfect - power, looks and ultra stability. I used to be a crotch rocket guy.. but my M is just the right mix of power, handling, looks and overall maintenance free biking.

You cannot go wrong with this machine - the price, sound and ability is hard to beat for the cost.



15th Jun 2011, 19:38

I just put on 1" risers from ebay. Great!

12th Jul 2011, 03:37

I just bought an '09 M50 Special Edition (Black and White) and love it! Handling, power and comfort are great. I have owned several bikes over the years, but this is just the all-around best one yet. I am still breaking it in and trying to keep the speed down, but it is hard to go slow on this bike. So far, so good!

2nd Apr 2012, 08:59

Thank you so much for this review. I am also 5'3" and have been looking at the M50 - and loving it. I just was not sure if I would be comfortable on it. I currently have a Honda Rebel 250, which has been great for learning on. But it is time to move up a bit. Looking forward to getting the new ride.

7th Jul 2015, 21:31

Yep. I agree, the above person is wrong. The M50 is an awesome bike. Great for the money. Great handling. I've had mine since 06 and I have had nothing but general fluid and tire changes. Not so much as even a dead battery in all those years.

7th Jul 2015, 21:32

I'm 5'9" and a girl. I have no problems riding mine or reaching the bars or anything else. :-)

7th Jul 2015, 21:34

Had mine since 2006 and never had any problem on pavement or gravel. I've ridden in downpours also with no issue. Love the bike.

4th Aug 2015, 04:46

I just purchased a 2006 M50. Absolutely love the bike. I'm 6'2" and 220. I need to purchase a windshield and saddlebags. Not sure what kind of windshield would be best. I have taken it on several trips and definitely want a windshield. My friends all have music and I have yet to get a system.

I purchased a passenger back rest for my son. I would like to be able to put my feet up on when cruising, but not sure what to get to do this. I also want to get cruise control.

The ABS plastic looks nice and aerodynamic, but I like the idea of leather in case I want to put a fishing rod in it and stop to fish some trout creeks.

The seat definitely gets uncomfortable after a while, and I find myself sitting up and moving a lot to shake off the numbness.

I purchased the bike with 8300 miles, and when I first saw it, I fell in love with it. I find myself just sitting in my garage looking at it. I may be a little weird, but I've never owned a bike before, and find riders all waving to me like I belong in some kind of brotherhood. It has changed my life from a dull existence to looking forward to the next ride. Thanks Suzuki for making a dream come true.