22nd Apr 2010, 20:51

I just traded my wife's S40 in on an S50, as we do mainly long rides on fast roads, 65 mph is normal, and the one lung Savage was straining. On that bike, I was amazed that she would keep up with cars going 80. I got the S50 and what a nicer bike than the Savage. It constantly gets 55 mpg, but she weighs 90 lbs.

I put on crash bars and a nice National Cycle windshield. I have had a dismal failure in trying to get saddlebags for the bike. I just returned a pair of Saddlemen Drifter bags as they were way to big, even if I was going to move the turn signals.

It's a nimble fast bike, but way too small for me at 5'10". I was amazed at how much smoother and nicer riding my Shadow Aero is compared to the VS800. Still for a smaller rider this is a good choice. I'm going to try a luggage rack with sissybar and go to a tail bag..

6th Jun 2010, 18:17

Was going to ship the S50 up North for the summer, but they wanted 800 bucks so I ended up buying another one up in Detroit.

I got a 2007 for cheap. I checked it out and drove it, and all seemed well. When I got home, I found the bottom of the radiator was leaking a little bit. Changed the hose and it still leaked. OK, it was a sloppy epoxy repair done to it.

This bike needs crash bars to protect the bottom of the radiator. It has them now.

I think I fixed the leak today with Belzona marine metal epoxy. If not, radiators are cheap on eBay used, as are a lot of parts.

I did find that the only saddle bags that fit well are the stock one that are OEM. You must use the OEM bracket.

My wife loves the bike. I repeat that at 5'10" I'm cramped on this bike. I am 5'10" with a 32" inseam. Very very small bike, but fast fast fast.

I like the Shadow a lot better. Sounds better, looks to me better and more comfortable. Shadow Aero gets 60 mpg.

This bike has a too small fuel tank at 3.2 gallons. I carry a few MSR fuel bottles on me for emergencies. It's a fun bike, but a little hard to work on. Chrome seems to tarnish quickly, but polishes out fast with NeverDull.

4th Aug 2010, 04:30

I like my S50 very much, but the right exhaust pipe burnt my bad leg 3 times, and I will never ride this bike without tall boots again.

13th Oct 2010, 14:25

I have a 2003 model Suzuki Intruder, which is the same bike as the S50 before the cosmetic changes to Boulevard series.

I now have 25,000 miles on it. I found a Mustang seat from JP Cycles was way more comfortable than the stock seat.

I routinely get 50 mpg. The best thing is it runs on 87 octane gasoline.

I weigh 160 and have short legs, so it is perfect to fit me.

It has enough power to take me and my wife over 7,000' elevation mountain passes here in Idaho at full highway speeds without downshifting. The motor is completely stock, but it has faster acceleration than other 750s, because it has two carburetors.

I put Metzler Marathon tires on it, after the original Bridgestones got thin.

Inspecting and adjusting valve lash is the hardest maintenance to do, required every 4,000 miles. It's very difficult to access the ports, but I have done it four times now; it takes about three or four hours. Twice the clearances were still in tolerance, so no adjustment was needed.

I got a Slipstreamer Enterprise II windshield, which totally protects me from wind buffeting. I made my own saddlebag supports out of steel stock brazes to brackets to keep saddlebags in place. Great bike!


2nd May 2011, 20:43

I'm 6 foot, 250, and just love this bike.

6th Jun 2011, 23:30

I agree on the 6 ft height; I am 6ft, 235, and it felt so good sitting on it, I didn't even think to think about fit! Hope you deciphered that LOL. Buy it, it's a great bike.

12th Jul 2011, 13:39

Excellent bike all around. I can take mine into curves, and lean so far over that the kickstand mount dragged the ground in left hand curves; be careful of that.

I have nothing but love for mine. If you get one, you will also. I've got no complaints, so this is going to be a short comment, and mine still looks like it's showroom room ready!

12th Jul 2011, 13:46

Yeah, I hear you on the S50 being noisy engine wise. Mine has 980 miles on it, and it's noisy too. I think that I was used to the smooth running 4 cylinder bikes. A 1000cc 4 cylinder is a smooth runner, unlike the V-twin, just part of the ride's character.

2nd Sep 2012, 21:18

I recently purchased a 2006 S50 from a buddy, and have to say it's a real nice ride. I already have the gel seat on the bike, and at 6ft, 225, I am grateful for that.

What I would like to do is replace the risers to gain more height. Does anyone have any ideas what to use? If I haven't misunderstood the specs, the bike has a factory 6 inch riser with 4 inches of pullback.

25th Apr 2015, 17:11

My son gave me his 05 S50 after he bought a Harley 883 Sportster. I love the bike. I've heard various complaints about the S50, but the only thing I would change is to move the foot controls forward a bit. As for the engine noise, we cut the baffles out, and it sounds great!

7th May 2017, 22:30

Can you please send me the link to where you found the forward controls? I have a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard S50 and I cannot seem to find them anywhere! Thanks in advance...

21st Jun 2017, 14:46

I also have a S50, check with Viking Bags, I got a set for mine and love them; they also have a set to go around the shocks, I didn't get them, but I like my bags.

The only problem is they say you can mount them permanently and not slip overs; don't do it, the mounting hardware is not strong enough. I bought a set of MC bag supports as they are chrome, and a lot stronger, but still mounted as throw overs.

Hope this helps.