14th Mar 2008, 23:14

The 86 Intruder was my first bike. After several years I now ride a Harley Springer Softail. Similar looks to the Intruder, which I'll always consider a great ride! Wouldn't mind having another.

24th Mar 2008, 09:12


Just picked up an 87 Intruder for 100 clams. Think I did pretty good. It's all there and not in too bad shape.

If anyone knows of good places to get parts or have any good info you feel like passing on, please email me.

Jtthor@wm.edu in the subject line please put

"intruder info"



28th Mar 2008, 07:11

I bought my 87 Intruder 700 for 200 bucks about last year. Changed the plugs and all the fluids, and it runs great, very good acceleration and very easy to ride. This is my first bike and I am very pleased, I'm 6'2 and weigh 300lbs, and it rides great with me on it, so that should be a testament on its own :)

1st Apr 2008, 11:40

I just wanted to say that I am also 6 foot 2, 285 pounds, built like a football lineman, and when I first saw my bike, I was a little concerned. It runs, handles great, and with the addition of shotgun handlebars and a mustang seat (took sissy bar out) I looks as good as it runs... Suzuki did a great job..

5th Apr 2008, 14:58

Does anyone know how a 1994 Intruder 800 handles passengers? I am 6' 225 and this is my daily ride. Does great with me, no complaints. My wife wants to ride with me and she's 5'9, 190lbs dressed out. Anyone got any experience carrying passengers of this size on an 800 Intruder? It works great for me... this is my first bike and I'm just curious.


17th Apr 2008, 08:07

I bought my Suzuki 2 weeks ago. I like it a lot. The only problem is that the summer is too short here in Finland.

22nd May 2008, 03:30

I bought this 1986 VS700 Intruder late last year. It had been sitting up for 14 years in a garage, so there has been a lot of repairs necessary to get it back into shape again, along with some very minor rust.

It's been a 22 year old money pit. Some of this is from aging, and some of it is from abuse from the previous owner, such as gutting the mufflers so that I have NO BACK PRESSURE.

Drum brakes on the rear wheel suck big time. You'll get some exercise putting all your weight into the rear brake trying to slow down the bike. Give folks ahead of you plenty of room.

It's really easy to lay this bike down on the slightest patch of dead leaves or gravel, BE CAREFUL IN THE CORNERS. If you lay it down, you're gonna have to replace a foot peg or two.

It does not like to start when it's cold. I've had to recharge the battery several times during winter.

Having said all that, and now having spent unbelievable amounts of money restoring this bike, I have to admit I do love it. The handling is tolerable, it accelerates nicely, and it's comfortable. It's a very pretty bike. I love to show it off, despite how old it is.

4th Jun 2008, 16:03

I bought my '86 Intruder 700 in 1987 with 920 miles on it.

I've replaced the battery 4 times, had the fork seals replaced for the 1st time last year, changed the spark plugs once, do the oil and filter (Fram PH 6016) every once in awhile.

Replaced front and rear tires once, brake pads once, right foot peg twice.

I only have 17 thousand miles on it, and it's very comfortable, plenty of power, good gas mileage.

I had a picture out of a magazine in my garage for a year before I saw the intruder. Saw an ad in the paper, went over and rode it.. bought it on the spot for $2400. The guy threw in two Bell helmets, leather chaps, and I've been a happy owner ever since.

13th Jul 2008, 17:44

I just bought a 87 VS700 as my first bike. I'm a late starter on bikes, mid thirties, never rode before. I've had it now for a couple of months, and I am very very happy with it. It is very easy to ride, and so far has been very reliable. It was a perfect step up from the 250 Honda Rebels they used in the MFC course.

I took it out for a neighborhood party, and everyone was surprised it was a 21 year old bike, they really nailed the styling on it.

I hope to keep it a long time, for the great gas mileage if nothing else. I took a short highway trip, averaged around 75mph, and got 50mpg with the windscreen on.

18th Jul 2008, 23:36


Just purchased a 88 700 Intruder, first bike for many years, now 68 years of age, and I find this bike very forgiving.

Corners real well, good acceleration and sounds beaut.

This bike has a low mileage (20k miles), and hopefully me and the bike have some fun together.

Cheers Mike, Wanganui New Zealand.

19th Jul 2008, 22:47


Just had an afterthought, has any one got a handbook for the 1988 VS 700? I would love a photo copy if possible (will pay course for costs). I have a manual but it doesn't tell me if the oil light warning is low pressure or low oil warning. Also water temp indicator function.. (Display just below Speedo. All help much appreciated.. Cheers Mike G.

E Mail to mjgladwell@kol.co.nz

8th Aug 2008, 13:46

To the guy asking about the 800, from what I hear the 800 is very much similar to the 1400 in power.

8th Aug 2008, 15:12

I know it's a little off topic, but does anybody know exactly how big the 87 Intruder 700 gas tanks are, IE how much fuel do they hold?

12th Aug 2008, 13:41

Purchased my 87 Intruder 700 in May, haven't ridden in 17 years, I love this bike, it looks great, fits like it was made for me and get a lot of compliments.

It's a little cold blooded, but runs great after warm up, wonderful on gas.

I'd also like to know the size of the tank, and can anyone tell me give some pointers on taking the seat off? It came with nice leather saddle bags, but I park it on the street and don't want the leather to get ruined between the rain and the sun; even with a cover it gets damp then very hot when sitting outside.


20th Oct 2008, 18:53

I just purchased an 86 VS700 Intruder. 31,000 miles. The previous owner did a lot of work making sure the bike was road-worthy. New tires, new brakes, new master cylinders for the clutch and brake, new battery, all new fluids, etc.

I paid just over $1,200, so maybe not a really GREAT deal, but a very fair deal when you consider that two new tires, and all the other labor intensive work would probably run you $500 easy.

I picked the bike up 220 miles from my home, and rode it home via country road, and highway.

WOW! This is really a nice bike. I also own a 1200 sport tour and was concerned that I would think the V Twin 700 would be too small for me to roll on down the highway for 200 miles at 70 mph. No problems whatsoever. Smooth running motor, great low end torque, and nice ride at highway speeds. The seat is not the most comfortable, and I'll probably do something to make this better. I mid-point backrest for the driver would be a good answer.

The bike is light, and heavy wind conditions on the highway will push you around the semi-trucks a bit. The brakes are not terrific, but it's a cruiser, not a sport bike. Making the transition from a big sport-tour to a mid-size cruiser was not too bad. The riding position is OK, but this bike definitely needs highway pegs!

I do not miss a tachometer, but a center stand would be very welcome for service, I am sure.

All in all, this is a terrific bike. It looks great, sounds great (mine has aftermarket drag pipes and they sound spectacular), and it get FANTASTIC gas mileage considering you have a bike that is powerful enough for all day cruising.

I'll enjoy it, and will add a small windshield just to cut out the full wind blast into the chest and head. Other than that, I LOVE it!