7th Nov 2008, 17:33

Hi all.

Great post on here, and what a bunch of helpful info. I am going to check out a 1987 Suzuki VS700 with 46,000 miles; the ad says it needs "ign switch." I am wondering if this will be an easy problem to fix, or am I looking at the first sign of more problems?

I am a very new rider, have not been on a bike since the mid '90's, and that was a YZ 80, LOL. I am short, 5'6" - will this bike be too tall for me, or am I right in thinking this bike sits lower than many others.

I will get on it this weekend, and I was wondering if there are others about my size who enjoy the seat height and handle bar distance?

Thanks for your help,



27th Nov 2008, 23:01

I have agreed to try to fix up my friend's 86 VS 700. It is in bad shape from sitting outside in the weather for ?? years. The chrome is still pretty good and the electrical seems to be intact. Needs a lot of parts replaced. EBay has some, but would like to know of a good place to get parts. Please advise.

Thanks, Darrell


1st Feb 2009, 08:22

I have a 87 Intruder 700. This bike is very attractive and gets a lot of comments; all good.

Did a mirror change, but most of all, the bike's got great handling and moves fast.

The only thing I don't like is where the battery is; it's a pain to get to it, but other than that, I love this bike. Can't see me getting rid of it...

Great job Suzuki.

13th Feb 2009, 21:20

Hi all,

Today is Feb, 13, 2009, I looked at an 86 Intruder 700 yesterday, told the guy I'd come get it Sunday with my friend's truck. I sat on the bike, and liked it! The battery is dead, so I couldn't hear it run. The bike looks great! And from reading the previous posts, it sounds like the bike is very reliable, and strong. It seems resistant to aging, and rain. The chrome looks great! I had a V-star 650, a 2001, the chrome always looked tarnished. But the older Suzuki looks darn good for its age. Lots of chrome for a stock bike. I think I'm going to like this bike a lot.

I saw a lot of guys looking for a resource for parts here, no one answered... I hope there is a place..

I'm going to start looking at J&P Cycles.

I'll fill you all in when I get it running.

13th Feb 2009, 22:04


Found a place for the parts...



18th Mar 2009, 01:34

Yeah, the link Mike gave is pretty good. I've found stuff there I couldn't find anywhere else.

I bought my Intruder last summer. The previous owner(s) had done some modifications, including stripping (overtightened damn near every bolt/screw) out several of the bolt holes (I re-tapped, but since you can't make something from nothing, they are all now SAE). I had to replace a carb o-ring (gas literally poured out onto the cylinder). I also had to re-sync the carbs (they had been set to run full on one, half on the other). Restored the exhaust to stock (old ones were bent, rusted out, rattled, loud as hell).

I took it out into the Rocky Mountains for a few days, had an issue with the screw for the battery connection, realized the carbs were set a little too rich for mountain air (at idle it struggled in Estes Park), but other then that, it handled great.

Runs good, needs a throttle cable (ordered, old one frayed). Only complaints (first bike, so not much to compare to) is after a while, the stock seat is uncomfortable (Corbin seat ordered), the sissy bar is too short, not enough room for storage. Oh, and yes, the battery is incredibly poorly positioned; there is not enough clearance, without elevating the bike, to remove the battery.

I use a Roadmaster windscreen I got through eBay (cheaper) (bugs @ 70mph = less than fun), they said it wouldn't fit, but I had shattered an older style one, that used hose clamps to hold it on, and to my pleasant surprise, the new one didn't need the hose clamps.

To fix foot pegs after laying it down, (not the prettiest fix...) I used a PVC pipe... slipped it over the old peg, and bent it back... close enough for now.

19k miles now, put over 2.5k on it last summer, plan to put a lot more on it this summer.

29th Mar 2009, 16:54

Hi, I've got a 1987 SV700 and I want to put my guitar on it instead of one of the saddle bags, but I'm not sure how? Could any body help me, thanks, you can reach me at:


5th Apr 2009, 01:58

Well just got my 700 today! Battery is dead but picked one up tonight. Can't wait to get it put in in the morning and give it a try. It's a 86 with 32000 on it. It has the drag bars, saddle bags and needs a left foot peg. Thanks for all the info on here and the tips on battery install.


Poteau, OK USA.

14th Apr 2009, 22:17

Just got my 1987 Intruder 700 for $1500 with 8000 original miles in Denver Colorado. I love this bike and it's a lot of fun. Does any one know where a good place is to get highway pegs and a mean exhaust?

23rd Apr 2009, 00:06

Well I'm new here and new to motorcycling! Gonna be 61 in May and this was on my bucket list!! My bro-in-law bought his 700 new in 1986, it has about 20000 miles on it. He put new tires on it and GAVE it to me... it looks new... garage kept and detailed every month for the past 23 years guys!! So I took the Harley Davidson Riders Edge Class and this weekend I'm gonna ride the 700...will gladly and proudly share pics of my new machine. Email me at glennlandry@bellsouth.net if you want to see it.

Will be back next week to let you know how the ride went.

11th May 2009, 15:44

Hey, I'm looking at an 87 vs 700 Intruder with 20K miles on it for $1800. This will be my first cruiser. I've ridden dirt bikes all my life, but know little about older cruisers. I am wondering if this is a good transition bike and also if the price is appropriate. So if you have any helpful advice, it is appreciated.



12th May 2009, 21:50

I bought my '86 VS700 a few weeks ago for my first bike. I'm very happy with it. I love the way it looks and sounds. The only problems I had with it were wiring issues around the battery, which seems to have worked itself out after removing and reinstalling the battery.

And the last few days it had become almost impossible to shift. Out of paranoia I was suspecting the worst, but after draining the sludge in the clutch master cyl and refilling and bleeding, it's shifting like it should.

This bike is perfect for me being inexperienced and strong enough to keep me satisfied until I can upgrade. It may be a case of first bike syndrome, but I can sit and stare at this bike and smile the whole time. papapootie@yahoo.com