27th Aug 2011, 02:44

Does anyone know where to get carb rebuild kits for a 1986 Intruder 700? Thanks.

24th Feb 2012, 08:13

First, I love all the comments about the '86 700, since I'm purchasing my FIRST cycle tonight!! $200 can't be beaten (except by the poster who paid $120), so I'm feeling good about it. Seems there's a starter problem, but shouldn't be too hard to fix.

Never ridden before, save for a few times on my friend's '06 800 Intruder in a parking lot. I'm so stoked to get it fixed, get licensed & get riding. I've got a deadline set for myself because of a rally in June that I'd like to go to. Can this all be done? Time will tell.

I'll re-post with updates to the "girl" as available, but hopefully I'll be seeing some of you on the road. If anyone is near Dallas TX, I'd love to hear from you.

Aces_n_eights02 at yahoo (full email would allow bots... not good).



10th Mar 2012, 18:52

I have an '86 Intruder 700, which was in fine condition when I "sold" it to a friend of mine, but after six years of non-payment, I took it back. It had been sitting in a garage for most of that time. The bike shop I took it to recommended a carb rebuild, but I can't find a kit, and I've looked everywhere I can think of. Any suggestions?

10th Mar 2012, 18:54

Yeah, I'm looking for the same thing. I don't want to have to get the bits part-by-part. Did you have any luck?


25th Mar 2012, 07:06

Hey guys, I also have an 86 VS700. My first bike. I love the bike and it sounds nice, but the only thing is it has high miles. It has about 54k on the bike, and I just want to know how much longer will it go? If any one can help, that would be nice.

Thanks guys.

27th Mar 2012, 21:38

Now that's love.

4th May 2012, 19:25

I picked up a 87 700 last week that wasn't running for $500. The guy I got it from said it has been sitting for a while, and needed carb work to get it going. Since I have had it home, we have taken out the carbs and cleaned them, put them back together, and it still won't fire up. It is getting spark, and has compression. Does anyone have any ideas on what else it might be? I'm trying not to bring it to a shop, since like I said, I only paid $500 for it, and taking it to a Suzuki shop would quickly add up. Thank you for any and all suggestions.


8th May 2012, 18:01

Jardine makes a really nice exhaust system for this bike. It sounds mean, but not overly loud.

24th Jul 2012, 16:44

My 86 is still rolling with over 60k miles on it, and running like a champ. Keep her tuned, oil changed & pay attention more to the little things, & you will burn off tires faster than anything else.

24th Jul 2012, 16:49

So, much ado about nothing. The starter problem turned out to be a dead battery & no gas. So far, the list of fixes include:

New battery.

Replaced the front left foot peg.

Oil change (ever heard of BLACK gold?).

Replaced the front pads.

LOTS of duct tape.

Still needs to be done:

Replace front headlight (housing broken).

Replace shift lever (tension bolt snapped, so it's hanging loose).

More duct tape.

And finally a wish list:

New seat.

New exhaust.

Rip it apart & turn it into a bobber.

See y'all down the road!


8th Aug 2012, 12:46

Just wondering if you ever found a carb rebuild kit for your Intruder? I have an 86 Intruder 700, and can't find any rebuild kits.



22nd Sep 2012, 23:17

Yeah, it keeps up with traffic. I got my VS700 about 2 months ago, and was worried about the same thing, but I had it at 85 with no problem. At about 90mph and 100 mph, it screams. But I also weigh 130 lbs.

9th Apr 2013, 23:00

Yes, the 700 Intruder screams down the highway. I cruise at 90 on mine.

24th Apr 2013, 18:03

Do you know how to repair removed turn signals? I bought a used 700 and they were removed; wires cut at the yoke. I see the black/white and black wire (and gray), but when they touch, the light does not blink. I am still trying to find the left side wires. Great bike though. Throaty, fast, and smooth.

24th Apr 2013, 18:08


Hope this gets through. The blog was 5 years old! I at 59 bought a 700 VS Intruder. Sweet old bike, but they removed the turn signals and cut off the pin receivers. When I bared the wires and touched the color to color, the light just came on and stayed on. Also trying to figure out what screw holds them in the loop (none in the box, and book doesn't say). Fender was easy to reinstall with new 15 mm bolts, so after signals, ride, ride, ride.

Any comments appreciated.


4th May 2013, 03:04

I purchased my 700 in October and paid $625 for it. Had to replace the front brake line because it didn't have one, replaced the front tire, and rebuilt the front forks, which was easier than I thought. Now I need a new rear tire.

I'm very pleased with this bike. I was in the market for a Honda Shadow, but I saw the Intruder for sale and all Honda thoughts went out the window. I now only window shop for Intruders.

Very fast... been up to 90 mph, and it rides smooth as butter, but screams like crazy.

I love this bike. The stock seat is a little uncomfortable for my wife on the back. Love the feel of her holding on tight as I take off :)

The cornering is a bit slow, but it handles great. I own a 1961 Chevy Apache truck, which is restored, but I favor taking the old bike out rather than taking the truck out.

Jo-Jo Gun

9th May 2013, 12:23

Just wondering where the tool kit goes? I've been all though my bike, but I'm just not seeing it!

20th Jun 2013, 21:04

To all those with questions on the turn signal wiring. I've replaced the turn signals on my '86 VS700GL with low profile ones, and struggled with mounting and wiring. I did a search for some custom turned billet fittings, and found a guy out of NY who makes them reasonably priced (can't find the paperwork with the company name).

With the rear turn signals, there are only two wires, so you have to just hook the common grounds together, and then the other wire to the turn signal. On the front there are three wires, and it's a little tricky as the original turn signals operated as drive markers too. You will need to splice and cross link one wire and the common ground if you are installing a two wire replacement turn signal.

Once you have all the wires connected, then check for blinking as the whole electrical system has to be closed for them to work. If they don't blink on one side or the other, try changing wire connections on the front signals until you get the blinking.

I love my bike and have been making mods to it as I save up the money. Metric bikes and Harley parts are pretty compatible for the most part. From what I've found, the Intruder line have parts that are interchangeable, as they are pretty much built on the same frame, differing in motor size.

Recent mods list:

- Replaced mirrors (custom made threaded stud 5/16-18 one side, M10-1.25 on the other).

- Replaced head lamp with Custom Wave Headlight.

- Replace exhaust pipes with Harley Softail pipes (with flex pipe mod).

If you have questions or helpful thoughts on some mods, please feel free to contact me at: customgraffitidesigns@gmail.com