18th Sep 2010, 07:38

To 25 Aug sender about your RPM vibes and muff hole: The RPM issue has been covered on this site before. Look back thru past postings. Aside from some other cause (bad tires, balance or rims) it is normal for a 'slight' vibration to occur right about 60 mph and should disappear by 65mph. My 650 Maxim cruises at 80 mph all day long, going cross country with rock steady mirrors. ... Also depending on the hole size and location, you might try some J&B weld. ... Parts suppliers abound and listed in past posts also. Just type in "650 Maxim parts" or similar thru any search engine. Wish you luck :)

23rd Nov 2010, 17:00

Glad to see so much positive feedback on these bikes. I am picking one up tomorrow. For a good running bike with 34K miles, current state inspected bike, does $1,000 delivered to my house sound awful?

Here in Austin, good old bikes at good prices are hard to find as the college crowd has been scooping them up for years to use as cheap commuters. I would love to find one for $300 - $500 like some have, throw a battery in it, change the fluids, clean the carbs, and hit the road. I guess with mine I will get a $500 worth of instant gratification in being able to hit the road the same day. I think it will be a great garage team mate next to my '81 Corvette!

6th Dec 2010, 19:31

Well, nice forum site. Makes me think I just bought the best motorcycle ever made!! LOL.

Well, I just bought a Yamaha Maxim 650 with 17,900 miles yesterday for $800. Obligatory dent in the gas tank, tear in the seat and a few scratches here and there, but otherwise sound.

Previous owner had installed loud pipes (YAY ugh) and new battery and front tire. I bought it for my girlfriend who is about 5'6" ish, so the comments from the ladies above are great for me to hear.

I own a 85 V-Max with 25k, so the power of the Maxim is OK, but not V-Maxim hehe. Overall, looking forward to a fun little project with a small investment. Glad to have found this site and it makes me really think I, or her ;), will get a bunch of miles out of it.

Robert in Longview TX.

31st Jan 2011, 20:53

I bought a 650 Maxim just for the title for another bike. I got it for 350 bucks. It had no battery and a bunch of rust. But before I parted it out, I tried to start it. Wouldn't you know, I just touched the starter button and it was running! I decided right then to keep it. Put radian forks on it, which lowered it about four inches, a trunk and and a seat from ebay. It's the perfect grocery getter.

17th Mar 2011, 21:35

Hey all, I'm 48 years old and owned a Maxim 650 when I was 19 to 21 years old. I just bought another one last week, and got a 550 Maxim for my son.. the bike is every bit the bike I remember... these were way ahead of their time and are still a great bike.

I am amazed at all the things you can get on eBay for the bike still. So far I've bought new forks and seals, new front fender and some smaller items.. I paid 1495 each for the bikes, and would do it again... nice to see the enthusiasm out here for a great machine...


18th Mar 2011, 22:36

Hi there.

Tim here from Victoria, BC. I'm seriously considering picking up, what I believe is an '82 XJ650 Maxim (Can I check with the serial number maybe?). This will be my first bike. I was able to take it for a quick spin this morning and really enjoyed it, even though I was just cruising the neighborhood. I do have a couple of quick questions though. He's asking $1400, and the bike has ~30,000 miles on it. Seems like that's starting to get up there for the price, but selection in my price range and geo are a bit limited.

I've got a mechanic coming to look at it on Monday, and I'm hoping to maybe be able to give him some direction as to what to look for.

1) The owner says that if you leave the bike for more than a few days, that the battery, new, will drain. He says his mechanic advised him to set up a trickle charge system. I'm guessing there's something not quite right with the electrical system, and I'm wondering if anyone here might have a guess as to what the problem might be?

2) The brakes feel a bit soft, but from what I've read that's not unusual on these bikes. They stop the bike fine at the speeds I was at, and maybe just inexperience, but certainly seemed less responsive then the trainer I'd been riding on (admittedly a tiny 150cc bike).

3) Owner just had the carbs cleaned, and his mechanic apparently said that it looked like they hadn't been done in a long while. Is there any damage to look for, that that kind of neglect may have caused?

4) Owner says he often leaves the choke on just a bit. The bike seems to idle OK with the choke off though. He thinks it idles better with the choke on so that it's around 2k RPM. He's a novice rider too, so I'm wondering if that's perhaps just his proclivity. Thoughts?

Anything else that I should have a close look at?

Thanks guys, love the forum.


23rd Mar 2011, 17:52

To: 18 Mar Tim in BC... First check the VIN info on the frame near the headlight to verify the bike's info.

1) The battery may just be old or not charging. The bike should be charging it at approx. 14 volts. The bike might also have short somewhere.?..

2) Brakes should be hard, NOT soft. Bleed/check fluid and pads/shoes...

3) Carb work can get expensive if needed. Just running the bike and checking the plugs will tell if they're off. You should get approx 45 mpg also...

4) The choke should be totally off once the bike is warmed up. Adjust the idle screw when warm to 1050 RPM...

And yes, $1500 is too much for a bike with issues. Wouldn't give him more than a grand, if that... You'd be better off maybe getting an out of state, good running dealer bike with repairs already made...

I bought my 650 on line 7 yrs ago, and drove it 1500 miles from MN back home in 3 days, BUT it had no issues. GREAT bikes when you get a runner... Wish you luck. :)

23rd Mar 2011, 20:34

Hey Tim, I just bought a XJ650 last week; runs great, looks great, and only has 22k miles on it. And I only paid $800 for it, fires right up, you should be able to haggle with him. Try and get him down to $1000. Jeff.

24th Mar 2011, 22:59

To BC Tim: Wanted to clarify the brake thing, being they are the most important part of the bike, ha!.. You don't want that front brake too hard, because you NEVER want to lock that one up if possible. I have locked the rear drum just a couple times, and the bike handled it well, so that is my harder brake, and it's mechanically adjustable at the drum...

Also, you can run that idle up a little higher if needed. Book says + or - 50, but you can tell by ear when your bike smooths out. Just do it on a warm afternoon with the bike well warmed up...

Oh, speaking of temperature, both my 650's were 'coldblooded' starters under 45F at times. Cold mornings at higher elevations require exact choke and throttle to kick over first time. Otherwise there's a tendency to flood. Definitely a feel thing between you and the bike. Very reliable machines though if maintained. Enjoy :)

p.s. Is it a big hassle to buy a bike in the US, say Seattle or Portland, and bring it to BC? Just curious. :)