2004 Yamaha V-Star 1100 from United States of America - Comments

25th Sep 2011, 12:51

I am thinking that your drips are due to too much oil. Lower the oil level in the sight glass to about half or little less than half.

25th Sep 2011, 12:55

I believe that a short might cause your situation, or the alternator/generator are sucking the juice out of your battery, causing it to weaken faster than normal. What's the time limit for the battery failing relatively quick?

28th Sep 2011, 22:22

Oil in the breather box is totally normal for the 1100 V Star. The dealer says they make an after market baffle to be fitted in the box to prevent this problem. The baffle itself directs the crank case blow-by directly into the manifold to be re-burned. I believe, if the engine had a P.C.V. system, it wouldn't have this problem to begin with. A simple P.C.V. system would make it run better and improve emissions.

10th Jan 2012, 20:14

V-Star Custom 1100 2004

Hi, already wrote some comments about heavy vibrations. I have the same problem. Heavy vibration starting at 50 mph, and it gets worse at higher speeds. It's not a tire balance problem, because I pull the clutch and it sleeps..

It all started when I changed the rear tire.. I'm lost on this one.. I've had it checked by the dealer.. they have no clue..

I don't enjoy the bike as I used to, since that vibration problem.

Have you found the problem on yours?



Montréal, Canada

7th Mar 2012, 07:31

That noise you can here is the electric fuel pump; perfectly normal. It stops once the carb float bowls are primed.

23rd May 2012, 13:16

I have a 2003 1100, and when I first got it, I felt the same thing. The dealer told me when the motor is over 3500 RPM, you feel it due to it being a solid mount. I just got used it.

23rd May 2012, 13:20

If you change the pipe, you must re-jet the carbs. I did not, and at 18,000 I'm having valve problems!!!

2nd Jun 2012, 07:53

Had the same thing happen, and when I looked into it, got this info off the net.

There is a too-narrow oil passage that relates to the sensor that can cause a false low oil pressure signal. Apparently the 1100 V-Star has always been this way, and probably always will be.

My guess is that Yamaha sees this as a minor nuisance, and to open the passage is not worth their effort.

In two years this has happened to me twice.

7th Jun 2012, 08:40

Do you have the name of forward control company? I need those (254-537-2002). Thanks.

2nd Aug 2012, 23:06

Hi, I haven't had any comments on that bad vibration problem at high RPM. Did you find what was the problem? Mine is the same..



Montréal, Canada.

27th Aug 2012, 19:16

I just wanted to respond to the post on the V Star 1100 in regard to ticking after adding the Hyper-exhaust. As I have had mechanics tell me, the valves are noisy, but I have found the butterfly flaps are making the ticking sound, which is sometimes confused with valve ticking. Once they realized this, they have all agreed.

24th Sep 2012, 16:41

Hi. I am John. I just bought a 04 Yamaha V-Star 1100, and can't pass emissions because it's putting too much gas out when driving. What do I need to do to reduce the problem that I am having, so it can pass emissions?

23rd Jun 2013, 11:04

Put a full face helmet on and the noises disappear.

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